Last night’s dream was very odd; all the random facts discussed by my labmates floated in and out of my dreams. I was in my car, going to visit mis and then my car broke down and wouldn’t budge right as I got to this police-secured area.  Police were charging people money to get by and saying how if they don’t pay, their cars are going to be stolen or something. This was based off what the post-doc said about cars getting stolen by cops in Tijuana, Mexico. 

I was really upset because 1) cops being scumbags and 2) I was so close to mis’s place but nooo stupid cops! Suddenly I was transported to niuniente ‘s apartment/mansion? For some reason in my dream, she had a really thick accent [probably influenced by my Russian labmate] and I felt very calm around Niu.  I walked around her place which had an overall theme of white and there were friendly cats all around. The last part of my dream was me listening to Niu talk as she twirled a bag of truffle chocolates and candies in a clear cellophane bag. It gave me an impression that she was a witch, putting spells and charms in candy and sweets. 

OH MY GOD THAT IS SUCH A NICE DREAM! Perhaps I did help you in your dream? I have heard how people who haven’t met me yet but know me have seen dreams of me and I have often had a good, relaxing message to them.

I really like myself in your dream! Maybe you got to see my inner self, as I can relate to that and I’m so sorry I don’t have the white mansion yet :D

Idea of blessing home made candies with a spell is actually really good. Maybe I do that on Christmas time :3 

I made a new personal blog. It will be more “professional” than Tumblr, which is relaxed place to me. I’ll be writing over more “spiritual” matters in this new blog, like dreams, past lives, tarots, little moments of AHA! happening in my life and such. Things you have already seen in my Tumblr but with further explanation and such. 

You’re free to follow if such things interest you! You can also leave me questions and comments there in these matters and I do my best to answer them in my blog.

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I saw a dream where I was chased by Tom Hiddleston and hordes of Aliens, where Rambo came to help me but died immediately and where things ended up being so horrible I woke myself up from the dream.

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spicyshimmy said: why are your dreams so awesome?

There must be something wrong with my head, if nothing else then the too wild imagination. I can share you some of my dreams if you want.

AND! Time to hit the bed at 4:40 am! I wonder what kind of dreams are waiting for me.  

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 numchuckbitch said: I like how it’s immediate, “Oh, Anders? Well, Fenris must be right by us, then!”

Yes xD I knew he was there somewhere but in order to find I needed to get up from the cozy bed (ad leave Anders behind) and go look for him. Not from far though, maybe he was in the same room, sitting somewhere or brooding in the corner.  

Dream. I am disappoint. Y U WAKE ME UP TOO EARLY? Anders’s hand felt so soft and real - I can only dream how the lyriums would have felt…

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I saw the most heart-breaking and cutest dream ever last night.

I was battling against thin, yellow, armor covered, one eyed alien. It was “Kill or to be killed”-battle. I won the first round but didn’t kill the alien. He came immediately after me still trying to kill me, riding a small tank.

I got furious. I took my giant robot that moved as I moved my hands and feet and beat the guy down. I stomped the alien guy down into the tank and smashed the whole thing with the robot foot. Finally I took my gun and pointed it to the smashed tank saying “Do you want me to blow your brains out with my best gun?”

Right after that I heard it. The most heart wrenching, tiniest sobbing I had ever heard. I lowered my gun and moved the smashed metal away from the top of the alien. He lied there on his back, in his own blood, sobbing out loud. He didn’t want to die. He was like a little kitten crying for mom.

I gently picked him up with my robot and took to the doctor. The doc was able to save him and he came out from the treatment as a completely new guy. 

And we became the best friends forever.