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drama cd update: aomine’s dere side is beautiful, kise remains a certified bluepink shipper


just so you know, the full shopping drama cd translation is in progress. my lovely friend is doing a fantastic job to make it happen. this drama cd is a gift. A GIFT.

here’s an excerpt that is actually so sweet, you might want to lie down before reading it.

Kise: *chuckles* Momo-cchi really is adorable when she laughs. Right, Aomine-cchi? (^_−)☆
Aomine: How should I know? If you have already decided then let’s buy and leave.
Kise: How cold - that kind of behaviour won’t win you any girls, you know.
Aomine: You’re so noisy.
Kise: Momo-cchi, shall we choose a pair of shoes to go with your dress?
Momoi: Eh?
Kise: How about this pair of sandals?
Momoi: Ahh!! It looks good!
Kise: Try it on.
Momoi: Unn! *puts on shoes*
Momoi: W-wahhh! *falls*
*Aomine immediately catches her*
Momoi: Thank you, Aomine-kun.
Kise: Are you okay, Momo-cchi?
Aomine: Seriously, you’re not used to wearing this kind of shoes, furthermore the heels are so high. And with that dress of course you’re going to fall.
Momoi: It will be okay if I just be extra careful!
Kise: Aomine-cchi, this is fashion. Fashion. You definitely have to wear high heels when it comes to a long one-piece so you won’t go wrong.
Aomine: *sighs and mumbles softly to himself* There isn’t any need to choose new clothes… You already look nice in what you usually wear… 

or you can lie down AFTER reading it


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