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Houtong Cat Village, Taiwan

Yep. It’s a town of crazy cat ladies. And not just ladies. And not in a bad way. The town is home to dozens of feral cats that are taken care of by the community-at-large. There are small cat houses (Stop snickering. Not those kind of cat houses) scattered throughout the village. The residents keep the cats clean and the tourists keep the cats well-fed.

 The (Houtong) train station is located directly in the center of a village full of cats. All-in-all this is a trip I highly recommend you make if you live  in (or go to) Taipei as it’s only a 30 minute TRA train ride from the city (to Houtong Village)”
- Brian, at Photojazz 

"Imagine a town where cats are the celebrities and people from all over come to photograph them, feed them, play with them, and be photographed with them. Welcome to Houtong!"
- Asoupchan, at Tripadvisor 

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