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Retrograding Mercury, perhaps? The meeting plans with Kaneoya-san has been so difficult! We always understand each other wrong and be/not be in the gallery at different times and different days :’D So, possibly not meeting her, but at least she left her art exhibition on just for me. So very kind and polite!

Went to Animate again and I won 4 Kuroko no Basket cards! I was so taken back by the surprise, as I didn’t know anything about such kuji-lottery, that I accidentally took Kise’s pic, too :’D I should have taken 3 Aomines instead of 2 to share with others (there was no Kagami, sob). I might sell Kise forward, as perhaps also few Free! things I bought and don’t need so much in the end.

Very unfair and extremely hilarious situation; while sxiga enjoys strawberry-vanilla ice cream-cheese cake crepe, I have - due allergies - a tiny can of tuna.

Very unfair and extremely hilarious situation; while sxiga enjoys strawberry-vanilla ice cream-cheese cake crepe, I have - due allergies - a tiny can of tuna.

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Meeting Kaneoya-san tomorrow! I was so sorry I couldn’t go to the gallery on Sunday, but she was very kind and told me that my priority should be me and my well-being. I’m so relieved and excited!

We decided to skip Yokohama and go there on November, as we are too excited to go gift hunting with sxiga haha. It’s actually the best to buy as much stuff as we can find now, as we can leave them in Tokyo. Ther’s no need to brought so much things from Osaka then.

I’m happy I have managed to buy and order things in Japanese! I’ve been understood and I have understood - well, a few mistakes there, but anyway. You immediately get a better service even with horrible broken Japanese. We went to this a bit fancier cafe in Ikebukuro yesterday and the waiters kept circling us like “who should go, who should go, they’re tourists with English help” - but when I  managed to order in Japanese the service was better. 

Now some breakfast and again to Daiso and Animate to spend more money haha!

P.S. Thank you for all your messages! I’m using my ex-boss’ family’s computer, so I can’t reply to you, as I try to use this as little as possible.

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- Cursed to be Daiso (100 yen shop) at Harajuku. I bought so much stuff and because I’m an idiot I’m going there again tomorrow. Plus I’ll visit 5 floor Daiso at Osaka… God have mercy on my luggage!

- Found Toranoana and bought dojins from awesome Free! artists Nondarin and Mako_Rakko! So very happy! Too bad all cute Makoto things were sold out (SURPRISE ANYONE)

- Found accidentally Ikebukuro’s 7 floor Animate… It was an experience so to say! Going there again tomorrow to get a few stuff more.

- Bought Aomine tea(!) and the tea freak me is joyful.

- I curse the hill which leads to the Embassy, it’s so horrible to walk…!

- Cicadas are singing outside and it’s such a weird experience to me. We don’t have cicadas in Finland. I always hear them only in movies or games.

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I slept so deeply! And had odd dreams like in one Iwatobi team + Rin decided, thanks to Haru, that they will come as good swimmers as water demons. Especially Haru was crazy about the idea with Nagisa. Rei and Makoto were just worried of the whole things. Rin said “We need to show to the group’s fatty how it’s done”, referring to Makoto (thanks Lesfrites!), to which Makoto only whines that he’s not fatty. “That’s how you’d like the thing to be, but it’s not - now get in the pool”, Rin commended back.

ANYWAY! Today’s schedule is a bit open but apparently we will head to the Asakusa and Ikebukuro. OR Ikebukuro and huge Daiso (100 yen shop) at Harajuku. 

Tomorrow we head to Yokohama.
Day after tomorrow I have meeting with Kaneoya-san, who left his exhibition on just for me ;u; We also leave to Osaka then.

Ah so sleepy! I have a bit jet lag in the end…


Idk some banana Twitter doodles


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