I found yet another monologue CD from Majima Junji (Ryuji Takasu’s va) and damn this man is so good voice actor! Somehow he manages to make all his lines sound so natural that it doesn’t even need any imagination to see another person in the scene (who doesn’t have any lines). I’m drawing at the same time while listening the CD through and though I haven’t paid much attention to the plot (plus I always miss at least half of every CD because my Japanese is limited), the moments that actually catch my attentions are printed on my inner canvas like a movie. I see everything; the environment, the weather, sky, trees, the houses, interior, people, faces, times of the day ect. Very extraordinary! 

Oh and apparently Majima’s drama CD monologue business things are pretty new, as the other one I found a few days ago had just came out this year. 

I hope he gets lots and lots monologue gigs!

And because I know someone’s going to ask this the CD I’m currently listening through is Koi, Shikarubeki - Morimura Yuuki hen

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Anonymous asked: "i love your aomomo so much plz ur awesome"

Aaaaw! ^______^ I have so many Aomomo ideas haha! Maybe one day I write a long fic, too. 

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anywayimnikki replied to your post: Is anyone else having problems with XK…

xkit guy put out an announcement about google chrome updates messing up xkit and he’s working on it, so if you’re using google chrome it’s that.

Okay so that’s what it is, thank you! I use some other browser in the while waiting :3

"Achieving your dreams asks persistence. The truth is that we all have abilities to achieve amazing, big things, right from the moment when we are born. (—-) The most important thing is that you do what you want - whatever makes you happy - and do it as well as you can. It doesn’t matter if it’s making snowballs, holding your breath underwater or excellent handling of a hair dryer. The most important thing is that, whatever you are doing, feels good to you. Remember, whatever you do, mistakes are part of life. Don’t go spending time kicking yourself because of the past mistakes. Don’t idle worrying if the thing you are doing is truly good or great for you or something you truly want to do. In your heart you know the answer."
— Bradley Trevor Grieve
Track Title: Cuddly Kise

Artist: Kimura Ryohei

Album: Kare to issho ni futonde Icha icha goro goro suru Vol 2 Noon

You wanted Kise audios, I got you Kise audios. Kimura Ryohei has - praise the lord - made some monologues.

Headphones on! It’s mostly whispered audio so you don’t hear the voice that well with speakers. Plus you miss the high quality of this dummy mic audio without headphones. 

Slightly nsfw with kisses.

This is from drama CD Kare to issho ni futonde, Icha icha goro goro suru Vol 2 - Noon

Anonymous asked: "3, 20"


ask meme

3. Who is your best tumblr friend(s)?

kawaiipaii: the bae, my smut-buddy, yaoi-companion, the person-I-would-probably-hang-out-with-constantly-or-even-be-housemates-with-if-we-lived-in-the-same-country etc etc

other than her: niuniente because she is an amazing person and I love talking with her about anything

20. What do you think people think when they hear your url?

Probably that my name is Nikki. (and then perhaps whether or not Nikki is my real name) (it is)

AAAAAAW ;o; Thank you! <3

If you haven’t heard yet Aomine’s Mini Solo Album and him singing with Satsuki, go listen to it now!

Those who don’t speak Japanese, the chat with Satsuki, Aomine and Sakurai goes somewhat like this:

Satsuki: Aomine, you sing, too!
Aomine: No way I’m singing you idiot!
Satsuki: But… I wanted to sing with everybody… (whimpering voice)
Sakurai: ..Me, too…
Sakurai & Satsuki: Will you really not sing with us?
Aomine: ! .. (mumbles something I can’t hear) Ah the hell, I do it!
Sakurai & Satsuki: YAY! 

(Then Ahomine the dork can be heard opening his voice in the background with yelling and gurgling)